History is happening in New York.

Client: New York Project  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video

1. Discovery

The New York Project is a 10-year initiative of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Redeemer City to City. Their vision? To see city-wide renewal—so that New York and all of its influences worldwide will flourish.

How do you invite people from across the country into a movement in New York City?

2. Strategy & Story Formation

For their second annual Momentum Weekend fundraiser, we partnered with the New York Project to tell the story of “History is happening in New York.” As the gospel movement gains momentum, they continue to need partnership from leaders across the country.

Now is not the time to sit still. Now is the time to move.

3. Creation

From branded books to table materials, animated screens to messaging, we sought to add beauty and vision to how they presented the momentum of their 10-year initiative.


Print Pieces
We created two print books—a weekend schedule and a mission investment guide—to accompany guests throughout the weekend. Together, they tell the story of “History is happening in New York” and break down the vision of the 10-year initiative.

Event Video
The video served as an anchoring vision piece for the annual donor weekend and was designed to unpack the dynamics of city movements in ways that opened up the story of the momentum happening on the ground.

Table Materials
As a continuation of the Momentum Weekend brand, we created a holistic immersive experience where the environment helped to tell the story.

4. Impact

The New York Project is gaining momentum.

As the community supporting the New York Project has deepened, the movement on the ground has grown as well. The generosity of the community gathered at Momentum Weekend, which included both returning and new guests, is helping fuel the strategies at the heart of a movement of city-wide renewal.