How do you reach people on either end of the divide between knowledge and faith?

Services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

Formerly MacLaurinCSF, this organization has a full history of church and academic involvement, bridging gaps between divided cultures. Their story is rich—but they needed help telling it.

We identified their mission as one to create whole people, with whole faith—so that the whole university will flourish.

MacLaurinCSF became Anselm House—named after St. Anselm of Canterbury to echo their historic roots, but with a modern story to draw the university community. This was unified across all materials.

We created a new website to house their content, and to position Anselm House as not only a credible, academic resource for the University, but also as a community of prayer, shared meals, open discussions and faith.

(Visit the website we designed at

A storybook presented the solution Anselm House offers to the divided life at the University, and how students and faculty are affected by this community.

To help further tell the story of Anselm House, we created a video that echoes both historic roots and modern academics & faith.

All these elements and materials helped capture their mission: to connect faith & knowledge with all of life, and to combat the divided life to create whole people.