Equipping a congregation with an invitational and actionable story.

Client: Redeemer Churches & Ministries |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Animation

1. Discovery

Following Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s RISE campaign, Redeemer wanted to equip their congregations with actionable next steps for spiritual growth in New York City. Their desire was for it to be more than a series or program, but instead a developed approach to discipleship for all of life—a larger way of existing as a church.

We partnered with Redeemer to bring clarity to their vision.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

Redeemer cares about the spiritual journey of their congregation and wants to equip them with practices to grow as disciples. That’s why we helped them lead a new initiative called “Formation,” which offers all Redeemer churches and ministries a common approach and pathways to help shape them as a congregation.

3. Creation

We created materials as an extension of the RISE campaign and to introduce Formation.

Brand & Identity
Because Formation is a practical extension of the RISE campaign, we started with the RISE logo and built an identity of shapes that build upon each other around that.

To help introduce the Formation story to the Redeemer congregations, we created a brochure to be handed out during the launch service.

Conference Series
Redeemer piloted three Formation conferences during 2017- 2018, each drawing capacity crowds in-person and hundreds more joining via livestream . They expanded on the brand we built by creating a visual, environmental experience for people to enter into.

4. Impact

Redeemer is positioned to invite their congregations into the RISE vision.

Through the Formation training and conferences, more than 5,000 people in the Redeemer congregations and beyond are being positioned and empowered to rise where they are, as part of a long-term vision of renewing and blessing New York City.