Growing and spreading a remarkable education.

Client: Hope Academy  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video

1. Discovery

17 Years ago, Russ Gregg quit his job, started an inner city school offering classical education that is affordable for anyone, and called it Hope Academy. It was out of the ordinary for the time, and remains a rarity—that’s why Hope calls it “a remarkable education.” In recent months, Hope has seen increased opportunity to grow—seeking to expand their space to facilitate 275 additional students and to spread their unique model of education to more cities nationally.

Hope Academy needed a way to present their new initiatives, and to spread a unified message.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

Educationally rigorous, targeting those with less, emphasizing character—Hope Academy is offering a remarkable, God-centered education for the youth of the city. It’s not what you’d expect to find in an historically poor and high-crime, inner-city neighborhood.

To tell their story, we built upon a word already baked into their mission—remarkable.

We built out Hope Academy’s story of remarkable in two complementary ways: 1. Surprising Excellence and 2. Image of God.

3. Creation

We created a cohesive set of materials to help them launch and carry out their campaign.

Logo + Visual Identity
We designed a new logo for Hope Academy, that gives them a distinctive look in the market. Hope Academy is set in a Minneapolis among numerous other organizations holding the name “hope,” so we chose to give “Academy” the same visual weight as “hope” and added a distinctive mark.

Campaign Video
For the launch of their campaign, we brought the “remarkable” concept to life through custom painting and brushwork to point to the custom “marks” of God in each student, teacher, and parent. It was received with excitement at its initial showing during Hope Academy’s “Partner Day” and created additional energy and interaction through its release across social platforms.

Campaign Print Piece
As an extension of the video, we created a print piece to tell the story of what Hope Academy is after, and encourage people to join Hope in pursuing the remarkable.

4. Impact

Hope Academy is integrating the “remarkable” story across all platforms.

From speeches and personal conversations, to social media posts and marketing materials, Hope Academy is embracing their mission. The new messaging and story are taking root beyond leadership to the students, parents, teachers, and partners—it’s resulting in strong momentum toward a $10 million fundraising goal.