A diverse community making their reality their mission.

Client: Hope Presbyterian Church  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Strategy, Video, Web

1. Discovery

Over the course of 63 years, Hope’s surrounding Richfield neighborhood has grown more diverse—in age, culture, income brackets—than ever before. Together, Hope and the Richfield community coexisted and overlapped. But they longed for a deeper, more tangible connection between the two, a story they could tell—one that they could invite their congregation and the larger Richfield community into.

Hope needed a personal mission to bring clarity to their reality and focus to their future as a congregation.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

At an intersection of cultures, languages, zip codes, and ages, we saw possibility for Hope Presbyterian Church to make their reality their mission:

As we partnered with Hope through a 6-month process, we built upon the idea of crossover community, creating a picture of life at Hope and a mission for them to pursue together. For Hope, crossing over means:

We won’t just share space.
We will cross over + share life.

We won’t just serve.
We will cross over + befriend.

We won’t just coexist.
We will cross over + co-create.

We won’t just say.
We will cross over + do.

We won’t just settle.
We will cross over + imagine.

3. Creation

We created materials to help them live into that vision, one relationship at a time:

Visual Brand
We created a new logo that communicates that the cross is where Hope intersects—and that the cross is what points the way outward. It is designed with both classic, traditional beauty to match Hope’s building and congregation, and modern typography to communicate forward movement.

Vision Video
This video was first played at Hope’s vision-casting Sunday service. We created it to tell the story of the crossover community they are on mission to create.

As an extension of the visual brand, the website tells Hope’s crossover story and opens doorways for the community to engage in their mission.

4. Impact

Hope embraced their clarified vision—and ran with it.

While new brand materials, messaging, and a website are valuable tools, these would all be ineffective without heartfelt and passionate buy-in. Hope Church is embracing this vision—modifying their spaces to encourage the crossover of their community, and integrating their story into services and communication. We are thrilled about what is ahead for Hope Presbyterian Church.