How do you turn a weekend into an awakening?

Client: PULSE  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video

1. Discovery

In a world drowning with information and millions of voices shouting, PULSE believes there is a silence about Jesus that is hurting this generation.

PULSE is on a mission to disrupt the silence—and they needed a way to embolden people to join them.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

In anticipation of their annual donor event, we partnered with PULSE to tell their story in a way that compelled donors to be a part of it.

Their events are big, but PULSE’s core story is simple:

These two words became the centerpiece of how we helped PULSE share their story and vision.

3. Creation

We created materials to articulate their story and bring it to life at their annual donor event.

Vision video
We created this thematic video as a part of the larger “Make Known” story. PULSE played it to cast vision and set a tone of urgency and boldness at the first session of their annual donor weekend.

Print pieces
Upon their arrival, donors received two booklets that we created—a welcome book, detailing the weekend, and a vision book, telling the story of PULSE’s mission to make the name of Jesus known. The third print piece, an investment guide, was handed out on the last evening to break down the financial needs of PULSE’s vision.

Pillar videos
These three videos supported the vision video by breaking down the three pillars through which PULSE pursues evangelism: prayer, training, and big events.

4. Impact

“Open Book helped us find our voice.”

–Nick Hall, Founder of PULSE

PULSE was equipped to share their compelling vision—and in one weekend, significant gifts were pledged, relationships were deepened, and a community was commissioned to pursue that vision in their own lives.