New York City

is one of the most influential cities

in the world.

Services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Web, Video, Event Media

Redeemer Presbyterian Church is accelerating a movement of citywide renewal—so that New York and all it influences worldwide will flourish. Through the New York Project, we partnered with Redeemer Presbyterian and Redeemer City to City to invite individuals across the U.S. to be part of fueling this bold vision.

We were privileged to work closely with Redeemer for several months to shape the narrative, brand, and communications strategy for the $80 million campaign toward this vision.

With their logo already in place, we built out a brand across platforms—print, web, video, and event materials—that evoked the bold, classic look of New York City.

The New York Project website was designed to bring visitors into a beautiful dream for New York City. (visit the website at

Through video, we framed the story of the New York Project with E.B. White’s quintessential essay, “Here is New York,” but specifically invited non-New York viewers to see themselves as part of the story he describes.

A major touch point with the vision of the New York Project came at Momentum Weekend, a weekend for high-capacity givers to experience the momentum building on the ground in New York City. We helped name and build a visual identity, event flow, and branded suite of materials for the weekend.

We created a set of three branded books for Momentum Weekend. The first book welcomed and directed guests to the weekend’s beautiful New York venues.

The second book was a mission investor guide that unfolded the momentous history and bold forward vision of the New York Project. And the third book to invited guests to give generously and see themselves as part of the growing momentum.

Every detail from name tags to place cards and table menus was branded and customized to make guests feel intimately part of a community going after a big vision together.

Together, the brand, video, website, and messaging of the New York Project tell a single story—a story that anyone, no matter where they live, can be part of.