“Riverbridge is the best kept secret in town. We don’t want it to be a secret anymore.”

Client: Riverbridge |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

1. Discovery

Since 1987, Riverbridge has invested in companies with fundamentals and leadership grounded in what’s solid. Unlike other investment firms, their focus is always on the long-term good of their clients. And that longevity is their competitive advantage.

We partnered with Riverbridge to bring clarity to over 30 years of mission-driven investing.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

At their core, Riverbridge believes what is true endures—in investments, people, and companies. And so in a world where people are not experiencing superior returns on their investments because of shortsighted behaviors,

Riverbridge is on a mission to invest with endurance.

Their vision is to see the investments of their clients add enduring value to their lives and to industries, communities, and the world.

3. Creation

We created materials to help them tell their story for the long-term.

Brand & Identity
Telling Riverbridge’s story of endurance required taking a fresh look at their logo and visual identity. After 30 years with their original logo, we aimed to carry over the timeless elements (for example, the bridge), and still bring new life to the brand. Ultimately, it was a transition to a more modern and personable tone, while adhering to Riverbridge value of intelligence and professionalism.

Capstone Video
To bring the story to life, we created a capstone video to introduce the idea of endurance and get to the heart of Riverbridge’s investment principles. The video invites viewers into their unique process of bridging human insight with data analysis to identify the building blocks of endurance.

The website invites visitors directly into the opportunity to invest with endurance and provides clear and efficient pathways to key information. With the new brand, it is a clean and modern shift from their old site.

4. Impact

Riverbridge is positioned to invite new clients into a powerful vision for the future.

Riverbridge now has a consistent way to communicate complex financial truths through a simple and profound story, which now anchors their brand, presentations, and touch points with clients. The story is helping bring internal alignment and energy and external clarity and buy-in, building relationships around the strength of shared values and vision.