How do you boil down infinite opportunities and stories into one clear call for action?

Services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

A movement with a mission, Safe Families for Children of Minnesota seeks to empower families and keep kids safe—and they needed help telling that narrative for a big-scale event.

For SAFE, the Safe Families fall gala, we created print materials and a website to invite guests into small moments of hope.

(Visit the website we designed at

At the heart of this event is stories—those of hope and empowerment from families who were in crisis, and those of gratitude from host families who offered their homes and services.

When kids are safe, they are free to imagine things in a different way.

We used photos of the families, as well as child-like hand-drawn elements to reinforce the theme of safety and imagination throughout the branded materials.

Volunteers and others who have helped with Safe Families over the years shared their stories—and these shaped the campaign message of the event.

Through each platform— the print materials and website, along with social media storytelling and videos—we invited guests to experience each voice of hope.