Connecting a classical school with a new generation of learners

Client: The Stony Brook School  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Look Book, Social Media Strategy, Video

1. Discovery

The Stony Brook School is a boarding school in Long Island, founded in 1922. At their core, they’ve always been about cultivating life-long learners and leaders—their tagline is ‘Character Before Career,’ after all. But when we looked deeper, we saw incredible wisdom and imagination in their students and faculty.

They needed a way to communicate their unique positioning to another generation of students, parents, and partners.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

We saw possibility for emphasizing the concept of “vision—the ability to see beyond”—because at Stony Brook, leading and learning with vision is central to who they are. By bringing wisdom and imagination together, they are cultivating the ability to “see beyond” in their students, preparing them to be the leaders of the future. Our strategy was to create storytelling materials that would both produce pride among stakeholders and tell a compelling story to new audiences.

3. Creation

We created a cohesive set of materials to tell the story of wisdom, imagination, and vision.

Look Book
We concepted and produced a Look Book for Stony Brook. With beautiful and bold photography, the book makes students and faculty the star. We built upon the central idea of vision, layering it with a multiplicity of themes—asking big questions, innovation, faith & culture, diversity—while threading wisdom and imagination through it all.

Vision Video
We told the Stony Brook story with a bright and bold video that pairs beautifully with the Look Book. Internally, the video produces a sense of pride and inspiration among students, alumni, and donors. Externally, the video compels potential students, parents, and partners to think of what could be as a result of Stony Brook’s unique approach education.

Social Content and Strategy
To help launch their campaign, we partnered with Stony Brook to create assets and a long-term strategy that will help them communicate with renewed clarity and vision. We worked closely with Stony Brook staff and partners to provide social media content, a toolbox of strategic assets, and direction for a campaign that makes vision the star.

4. Impact

The Stony Brook School is stepping into their story, bringing wisdom and imagination together for future generations.

Stony Brook is raising up life-long learners who don’t just wait for answers but keep asking the right questions, leaders who transform information into insight, and citizens who approach their communities with eyes for the common good.