Inspiring a generation to move closer.

Client: PULSE  |  Project services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

1. Discovery

Our friends at PULSE have always had a bold vision to see people across the nation come together across divides. It’s what they did at Together 2016, and it’s what they aim to do again this year at Together 2018.

2. Strategy & Story Formation

As they prepare for their next big event, Together 2018, we are helping them tell a story about “moving closer”—a simple but profound statement that compels this generation to come together across divides.

We are positioning it as an experiment—a story that this generation is invited to join. And to inspire them, we wrote a manifesto for the movement:


The Together Manifesto

Something needs to shift.
There is a better way than outrage
 or apathy.

In the middle of you/me/us/them
stands Jesus.
He was snubbed by politicians
and the religious.
He drew the ordinary, the misfit, 
the freedom-craver,
calling all into mercy, justice, 
and action.
So what if I moved closer?
Away from walls that isolate,
 toward Jesus and the world 
around me.

I want to influence, to build bridges, 
to take risks.
I will choose to listen and seek 
to understand.
I will love, especially those 
who are not like me.
I am part of the radical middle—where
 we meet at Jesus from every side.
And we’re on the move.

We, ________, the Together Generation, will live a different way.

3. Creation

From an updated identity to a new website to a print storybook, we created materials to tell the “Move Closer” story.

Brand & Identity
Using the Together 2016 brand as a starting-point, we developed a fresh identity for Together 2018 that is full of energy to match their audience.

We created a website, as an expression of the larger Together Campaign, to fuel a growing movement of young people using their voice to say they will Move Closer.

Manifesto Video
We also created a video to tell the “Move Closer” story. Because Together 2018 has such a large following on Facebook and Instagram, we specifically tailored it to be delivered through those platforms—hence, the vertical orientation.

As part of overall brand and story development for them, we created this new storybook to cast vision for the event at large, and why moving closer matters.

4. Impact

The Together Campaign is well underway.

And PULSE is equipped with a fresh brand and suite of materials to continue to build momentum leading up to the big event.