How do you bring countless moving pieces into one cohesive story?

Services: Brand, Messaging, Print, Strategy, Video, Web

Vivo is a new-American restaurant in Apple Valley that is full of potential, but was lacking a clear way to explain their brand and culture.

We identified the story of Vivo as a place that holds possibility—in relationships, in community, and in delicious food. Their brand story was carried out through print materials, menu re-designs, and social media marketing.

We helped position Vivo as a mission-driven restaurant that invites people into something beyond food on a plate. They are setting the table for possibility—in the food they serve from local providers, in the community of their Gathering Place, and in their culture of service-first.

Since we began telling Vivo’s story through social media, the number of followers, interactions, and reach has each increased by more than double in just one month.

Vivo’s new menus and print materials aim to create a streamlined process for servers and guests, while inviting them into more than just a plate of food, but also a story.